I have had 3 fusions from Dr. Gallo–all were very successful.

I have had 3 fusions by Dr. Gallo; in 2003, 2007, and 2017. All were very successful. After each surgery I returned to my normal lifestyle, pain-free within 3 months. – M. Shultz 6/18

Everyone has been kind and caring.

Through all my trials and set backs, everyone has been kind and caring. Dr. Gallo worked hard to avoid fusing my back but when it came down to it, that’s what I needed. My surgery went great and I am on the road to returning to work. My many thanks to everyone. – K. Pittz  05/17

This has been a much easier experience than I expected.

My pain is gone and my life is getting back on track. I would highly recommend Dr. Gallo to anyone needing neurosurgery. – W. Ali  May/2017

Pain and Numbness Before My Surgery

“I am amazed how quickly the pain was gone. The surgery, hospital, staff were all excellent. Dr. Gallo has made my life wonderful again. I am a master gardener and help run a community garden. it was getting more and more difficult to garden with the pain. Now I am well and so very happy. Thank you Dr. Gallo!”

P. Picering | Feb. 2017

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Surgery – Jesi’s Amazing Story of Healing

Jesi Payne lead an active and athletic life until the birth of her first child when she became plagued with chronic and debilitating pain. It was so severe that she went from running half marathons to being confined to a wheelchair in her thirties. At the end of her rope and with little hope from her doctors, Jesi did her own research and discovered that her symptoms matched with SI joint pain. In other words, the sacroiliac joints in her pelvic bone had been compromised during childbirth and were the source of her agony. Jesi’s research also led her to Dr. Scott Kitchel at the Neurospine Institute in Eugene, Oregon. Thanks to the surgical skills of Dr. Kitchel and the iFuse Implant System, Jesi got her life back. Watch Jesi’s inspiring and informative testimonial and contact the NeuroSpine if you are suffering from the following symptoms:

– Lower back pain (below L5)
– Lower extremity pain (numbness, tingling, weakness)
– Pelvis / buttock pain
– Hip / groin pain
– Unilateral leg instability (buckling, giving way)
– Disturbed sitting patterns (unable to sit for long periods, on one side)
– Pain going from sitting to standing