Muscle Pain

Occasional, temporary muscle pain is nothing to worry about. Talk to your doctor if the pain continues for more than a few months or feels like it is getting worse.  If you are diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome, ask to be referred to NeuroSpine.  Physicians and physical therapists at NeuroSpine can pinpoint the problem and develop a personalized treatment plan to address conditions.

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Myofacial Pain

Myofascial pain refers to pain caused by muscular irritation. The large upper back muscles are prone to developing mysofascial pain that radiates from sensitive points, called trigger points, throughout muscle tissue. Muscular irritation and upper back pain is due to muscle weakness and repetitive motions.

A common myofascial pain is the soreness and aching in muscles associated with poor posture. Because the upper back pain is related to large muscles in the shoulder area, most rehabilitation programs will include a great deal of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Manual treatment such as chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy and acupuncture are effective in treating myofascial pain.