Head & Neck Pain

Headaches and neck pain are the most common form of pain. Your primary care doctor may recommend you have further evaluation for your headaches because of an underlying condition.  Physicians at NeuroSpine can pinpoint the problem and develop a personalized pain management plan to address conditions.

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Migraine Headache

A Migraine Headache is defined as a headache that can last from 4 hours to 3 days.

  • pain is usually moderate to severe; there is a pulsating sensation and often only affects one side of the head.
  • may be associated with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound
  • a patient could experience changes in vision or hearing (an ‘aura’, which may occur just before or just as the migraine begins)

Kinds of Migraine Headaches:

Episodic Migraine

Defined as occurring with fewer than 15 headache days per month, some of them ‘migraine’

Chronic Migraine

Defined as occurring 15 or more days per month, with headaches lasting 4 hours or more for at least 3 months, some of the headaches being ‘migraine’.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain is often caused by muscle strain, soft tissue sprain or an accident, such as a car accident and the corresponding response to sudden force/whiplash. These types of neck pain can improve over time and through non-surgical measures.  However, if the neck pain continues to worsen, further evaluation may be necessary.

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