Therapeutic Tai Chi & Movement Therapy

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Tai Chi Therapy in Eugene Oregon

Tai Chi Chuan at NeuroSpine

NeuroSpine understands that no two bodies are exactly alike, so what works for one patient may not work exactly the same for another.  To address pain issues, an ancient Chinese mind-body practice of Tai Chi was added to the mix of offerings at NSI, when Dr. James Fox was asked by Dr. Greg Moore to develop therapuetic applications of Tai Chi Chuan for NeuroSpine patients.  With more than 35 years of experience in the study and practice of traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Fox developed the current Movement Therapy Program by combining scientific research and scholarship with traditional Tai Chi Chuan and medical Qigong – two modalities closely related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi is a  type of low-impact, weight bearing and aerobic-yet relaxing- exercise.

Dr Fox Tai Chi Therapy NeuroSpine Eugene OregonBenefits include:

  • improved strength, conditioning, coordination and flexibility
  • reduced pain and stiffness
  • greater balance and lower risk of falls
  • enhanced sleep
  • greater awareness, calmness and overall sense of well being

There are two paths Dr. Fox and Dr. Moore’s patients can pursue; therapeutic Tai Chi, that addresses and enhances movement for specific parts of the body, or an on-going Tai Chi that starts with beginning movements and grows to a whole array of movements to address the entire body.

Patients need to be evaluated by Dr. Fox before they are assigned to an appropriate therapeutic movement level.

Spring Schedule 2017

Effective April, 2017

Day/TimeClass Type
9 am - 4 pmReserved for Director Training
6 pm - 7 pmNSI Therapeutic Yoga / Instructor Jessi Osborn
8:30 am – 9:30 amTraditional Tai Chi Chuan / Instructor Dr. James Fox
1 pm – 3 pm* NSI Patient Hours / Instructor Dr. James Fox
3 pm – 4 pmGuided Tai Chi Practice for Beginner Students (Barbara)
10 am - 11 amNSI Therapeutic Movement Group Session / Instructor Linlin Choy
11 am – NoonNSI Therapeutic Meditation* / Instructor Dr. James Fox
6 pm - 7 pmTai Chi Chuan: Beginner Level / Instructor Andrew Holmes-Swanson
7 pm - 8 pmPush Hands / Instructor Dr.Gregory Moore
10 am - 11 amNSI Therapeutic Movement Group* / Instructor Dr. James Fox
11 am – NoonTai Chi Chaun: Beginner Level (1st Section) / Instructor Dr. James
12 pm - 1 pmIntermediate (2nd Section) Traditional Tai Chi Chuan (David/James)
Noon - 1 pmTherapeutic Yoga / Instructor Jessi Osborn
1 pm - 3 pm Reserved for Private Therapy Sessions
9 am – 10 amTai Chi Saber/Sword/Staff / Dr. James Fox
10 am - 11 am1st and 2nd Sections: Traditional Tai Chi Chuan (Andrew/ David)
11 am – Noon 2nd and 3rd Sections: Traditional Tai Chi Chuan (James/David)
*Cost to NeuroSpine patients is $10 per session. Open to others with a $15 session fee.

**Open only to former Oregon Research Institute students.

Printable Brochure – Meditation

Printable Brochure – Massage

Printable Brochure – Tai Chi