bioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy

biote oregon hormone replacement therapy

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NeuroSpine is offering BioTE, a bio-identical hormone replacement product that provides a natural solution for both men and women.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Weight Gain
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Insomnia
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Irritability and Depression
  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Aches and pains

If so, then hormone replacement might be the right choice for you!

What is bioTE?

What does ‘bio identical hormone replacement’ mean?

Bio identical hormones are non-synthetic, plant-based hormones that are identical biologically to human hormone.  The best analogy to differentiate bio identical from synthetic hormones is to look at the hormones and the receptors they activate (hundreds of thousands in our bodies) as a lock and key.  The hormone is the key and the receptors they work on are the locks.  Bio-identical hormones fit perfectly in the lock and unlock all of the beneficial effects of hormones and when dosed properly, as with the bioTE Pellet Therapy, have minimal to no side effects.  Synthetic hormones, however, fit in the lock , but do not turn the lock and result in many untoward side effects.  (Examples of synthetic hormones include creams, emollients, pills.)

Healthy Couple croppedWhy do we need hormones?

Any endocrinologist (def: specially trained physicians who diagnose diseases related to the glands) will tell you that hormonal balance equates to health. Research continues to indicate that hormones are key to the intricate interrelationships of body parts and systems.  They play a pivotal role in your overall health.  As we age, our hormones are depleted (in both men and women).  Hormones rejuvenate, regenerate and restore our bodies.  They serve as powerful chemical messengers sent to specific cells throughout your body to orchestrate many of your body’s internal functions and tell your organs how to behave.  Even a small fluctuation in levels can cause big changes in cells or even disrupt the balance through the entire body.  Too much or too little of a hormone can have serious consequences.

Here is what some of our clients are saying:

“I’m sleeping so much better.” S.C.
“I can walk 8 miles and not feel tired or sore.” S.J.
“With the pellet therapy, I don’t have to remember to take a pill every day.” C.V.
“Afternoons are always the hardest part of my day…well, they used to be!” D.O.

Physician Assistant Mark Wells directs the program. More information is available here.