Saturday’s Spring Game-Take your Earbuds!

The gates will open at 8am Saturday morning (May 1) at Autzen Stadium for this year’s Spring Game, also known as the spring scrimmage. It’s described as a game with all the trimmings, except that it’s more low-key. UO organizers are busy with their preps and are busting out over the forecast….nothing but sunny skies all day long. Bring your sunscreen and your hat! (If you don’t have one, the Duck Store is stocked.)

Spring Game Broadcast-Tune in to the Internet

One more item to bring to the game…your earbuds! Grandpas and dads used to bring their trusty transistors to the ball games. Now, grandpas, dads, moms, even the kids are bringing their cell phones and earbuds to listen to the radio broadcast, over the internet. Need more reason to tune in? Dr. Greg Phillips, of NeuroSpine, will be joining Jerry and Jorgy during the half time show! Dr. Phillips is a certified Sports Medicine physician and enjoys sharing his thoughts and impressions with the two sports broadcasters.

Your Ticket to the Game

For easy transport to the game, catch the bus and don’t forget three cans of food, a donation to Food for Lane County.  That’s your ticket to the scrimmage!

See you at the game and Go Ducks!