FastTrac Program

Neurospine is excited to offer FastTrac. We are committed to providing a streamlined evaluation process for your patients. We are now providing imaging services to allow your referred patients to have a one-stop medical provider that can schedule MRI’s, Cat Scans, and X-Rays so that they can be evaluated by one of our specialists quickly without sending them to another facility. If your referred neurosurgery patient needs an MRI simply send us a Referral and Authorized Imaging Order and we will get them scheduled. If your patient has had an MRI in the last 12 months, send the MRI report, Referral, and Patient Health History notes and we will have one of our surgeons determine if they are a candidate for surgery. If they are not, They can be referred to Pain Management for alternative treatment options.


NeuroSpine requires a referral from a physician to see one of our specialist. In order to provide the appropriate care and evaluation, we must receive patient health history records for at least the last 1-2 years along with a current MRI (within the last 12 months) if a patient is being referred to a neurosurgeon. Imaging studies are not required to see our pain management physicians. Most insurance companies require these records to authorization treatment coverage.

Neurosurgery Referral Requirements:

  1. FastTrac Referral Form
  2. Health History Records (1-2 years)
  3. MRI Report (Within the last 12 months. Patient must bring image disc to appointment.)
  4. If MRI is needed then a FastTrac Imaging Order form is needed.

Note: If patient has had a previous lumbar surgery within the last 5 years, an MRI with and without contrast is required. In addition, if the patient is over 60 years old and an MRI with contrast is needed, a Basic Metabolic Panel must be ordered. We have an in-house lab to preform this order.

Pain Management Requirements:

  1. FastTrac Referral Form
  2. Health History Records (1-2 years)
  3. Imaging (If available)


Neurospine can now provide imaging for referred patients. In order to expedite your imaging order for your patient we need the following:

  1. FastTrac Referral Form
  2. FastTrac Imaging Order Form with Authorization Number


Same-Day Scheduling

If you have a patient on Medicare or on an insurance plan that does not require prior authorization, same-day scheduling is often available.