Tai Chi Movement Therapy at NeuroSpine

Tai Chi Movement Therapy at NeuroSpine

Have you heard about NeuroSpine’s Movement Therapy program? NeuroSpine partners with Dr. James Fox, PhD at Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center conveniently located in the same complex as our Eugene clinic on Centennial Loop. What is Movement Therapy? Based upon the traditional Chinese practice of tai chi, this therapeutic process can help you achieve… Read more »

Therapeutic Benefits of FREE Warm Water Therapy at Tamarack Wellness Center

Tamarack Wellness Center Warm water therapy for NeuroSpine patients

It’s no secret that swimming has numerous health benefits, including improved fitness and well-being. However, certain health and physical conditions can prevent some people from participating in traditional aquatic exercises. Ai Chi warm water therapy at Tamarack Wellness Center in Eugene is a great alternative! Benefits of Warm Water Therapy Tamarack Pool is equipped with… Read more »

How Does Smoking Cause Back Pain?

Smoking and back pain, NeuroSpine

Are you a smoker? Then you already know that quitting will save you money and help you live longer. But, did you know that it can also make your back feel better? Smoking restricts the flow of oxygen and other nutrients in the blood to the spinal discs, making you more vulnerable to lower back… Read more »

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain treatment in Eugene, Oregon

People experience lower back pain for many reasons. The spine is a complex structure made up of vertebrae, disks, spinal cord and nerves, all surrounded by numerous muscles and ligaments. Most of us will experience some form of lower back pain in our lifetime. In fact, outside of the common cold, lower back pain is… Read more »

UPDATE: Jesi’s Amazing Story of Healing

Jesi ‘Got her Life Back!’ The story of Jesi Payne is so remarkable and inspiring.  She was confined to a wheelchair, but just one year after undergoing two iFuse minimally invasive procedures, she celebrated by running a half marathon!  Thank you Jesi for sharing your story with us all. Sacroiliac Joint Pain Jesi lead an… Read more »

Back Strain or Back Sprain – When to See a Doctor or Physician Assistant

by Mark Wells, PA-C You’re playing with the kids, stretching to catch your dog before it runs out of the gate and BAM!  You feel something ‘go funky’ in your back, and then, all of a sudden you ‘can’t move’.  What is going on? Chances are, you’ve just strained or sprained your back!  In fact,… Read more »

NeuroSpine Institute Surgeon Featured for Changing a Woman’s Life

Jennifer Richardson, KEZI-TV morning anchor, reported today on NeuroSpine surgeon Dr. Scott Kitchel, and how the iFuse procedure changed one Oregon woman’s life.  Watch the inspiring report video below. If you experiencing back pain, and want to get your life back, contact us today.

Get Ready for the Eugene Marathon!

In an interview (airdate 5-7-15) NeuroSpine Director of Physical Therapy Jon Small talks to Sportscaster Steve Tannen about last minute preparations runners and walkers can take to make Sunday’s marathon, or half marathon, an experience everyone enjoys!

Saturday’s Spring Game-Take your Earbuds!

The gates will open at 8am Saturday morning (May 1) at Autzen Stadium for this year’s Spring Game, also known as the spring scrimmage. It’s described as a game with all the trimmings, except that it’s more low-key. UO organizers are busy with their preps and are busting out over the forecast….nothing but sunny skies… Read more »