Back Pain Doctors See Uptick in Patients

Experienced Neck and Back Surgeons in Demand

It’s not just the spine surgeons, like Dr. Chris Noonan, but it’s also the neurologists, like Dr. Chris Miller, who are seeing more patients this summer.  So, why are patients with back pain waiting until summer to see a back pain specialist?  It’s not a scientific survey, but in terms of the ‘feels like’ survey, both of these experienced surgeons are having to increase the number of patients they are adding to their schedules.

It’s getting to be mid-July and time to resolve pain issues is running out

It may be a ‘body-clock’ check or perhaps more people are just looking at the calendar and realizing the back pain or neck pain they’re experiencing isn’t going away and some more aggressive action needs to be taken.  In recent weeks, Dr. Chris Miller has seen patients who need corrective action taken on previous surgeries.  They are not surgeries he performed in the past, they are surgeries done by other specialists that he is now correcting.  In one case, Dr. Miller had to remove a cage that was used to hold a patients’ neck in place because the structure was causing the patient pain.  As it turns out, the cage was interfering with a vital blood vessel and threatened the patients’ blood supply to her head.  In the case of Dr. Noonan, many patients who started in with physical therapy are now realizing their pain is not going away.  They are turning to Dr. Noonan, an orthopedic spine surgeon, to review their imaging (CT, X-ray or MRI) and chart a surgical course of action.

Summer is a good time to have surgery

For most people, the summer is a slower time of year thus a great time to schedule a surgery.  With a slower schedule, patients can recover at their own pace and not feel rushed, as they might during the fall months and the holiday seasons.   It’s also a time when extended family can typically schedule time to pitch in and help out, and take the initial 24-7 care responsibility off of the caregiver.

Current Radio/Television Ads 

NeuroSpine is starting a campaign with ads that include Dr. Chris Noonan, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Dr. Chris Miller, Neurosurgeon, featuring the doctors themselves.  Oftentimes when patients are passed from primary care doctors to specialists, there is a disconnect between offices and patients feel as though they are a number, not a person.  The ads are an opportunity to hear from the doctors themselves, about who they are and why they do what they love.  The ads act as a bridge between the doctor and the patient in educating the patient about the doctor.  These are two highly recommended doctors who, in fact, have helped patients, “Get their lives back!’

Both doctors are accepting new patients.

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