Monthly Archives: January 2014

Office Jobs, Sitting at your Desk and Steps Per Mile

  One of our doctors, who could be characterized as a ‘health nut’ heard part of a conversation about office workers who sit all day long.  A recently released report showed a correlation between sitting all day in an office job and smoking cigarettes.  Obviously, both are ‘bad for you’.   It seemed like a stretch… Read more »

Flu Season

The flu season is definitely hitting Lane County.  Take extra precautions when around people sneezing, coughing, talking about feeling miserable! Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!!!

Welcome New Wellness Center!

The new NeuroSpine Wellness Center is already taking new patients and Wellness Director April Fuller is embracing change and, better yet, transformation! Check out the new Wellness program at and think about joining us as we start training for this summer and fall’s marathon season (or half).  There’s no time like the new year… Read more »