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Clinical Trials at NeuroSpine Institute

Dr. Scott Kitchel, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, talked about advanced in medicine and how NeuroSpine of Eugene and Roseburg, is participating.  He was on the Saturday, October 26 Ducks’ pre-Game Show, with KUGN Sportscaster, Steve Tannen, Dr. Kitchel explains the projects NSI is involved with now. Listen to the conversation!

This Week’s NeuroSpine Institute “Injury Report” Hilites Futuristic Medicine

  On this weekend’s Ducks Pre Game Show, hosted by KUGN’s Sportscaster Steve Tannen, the topic turns to advances in medicine and what role NeuroSpine plays in the whole scheme of things.  Dr. Scott Kitchel, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, talks about the Clinical Trials that are underway at NSI.  While the number of trials ebbs and… Read more »

New Dartfish Gait Analysis Unveiled’sClinic/Dartfish Just like Dr, Greg  Moore said on Saturday, October 19, during the Ducks’ Pre-Game Show’s Injury Report with Steve Tannen, the Dartfish program is operational!  (It’s home is in Physical Therapy -Suite 400- and Physical Therapist Rebecca Snyder is taking charge!)  We’re all pretty excited about this new tool in our tool box.  Not… Read more »

You’ve Seen it on TV, Now it’s at NSI!

Tune in Saturday, October 19, about 3:45 pm for the “Injury Report” on the Ducks’ PreGame Show on KUGN-AM.  Dr. Greg Moore will be talking about his ‘newest baby’…a gait analysis program called “Dartfish”.  We’re pretty excited about implementing this tool, not only for our runners and walkers but for patients who are recovering from… Read more »

Injury Report Features Dr. Chris Noonan

This past weekend’s NeuroSpine “Injury Report” on KUGN’s Duck Pregame Show (with Steve Tannen) featured Dr. Chris Noonan talking about something that’s important to him: staying active to stay healthy.  He also offers some information you may not know, if you’re a smoker.

NeuroSpine Institute’s Drs. Angeles and Gallo “Recognized”

Becker’s Spine Review’s Top Feature Story Today (10/9/13) 29 Women in Spine and Neurosurgery to Know Featured Written by  Anuja Vaidya | Tuesday, 24 September 2013 12:09 Here are 27 women who are spine surgeons or neurosurgeons. To recommend a surgeon for the list, contact Anuja at Ellen Air, MD (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital). Dr. Air is a neurosurgeon in… Read more »

NeuroSpine Institute-Dr. Greg Moore Promotes Core Strength During KUGN’s Pre Game Show

NeuroSpine is sponsoring the Injury Report on KUGN’s Ducks PreGame Show with sportscaster Steve Tannen and on Saturday, before the Ducks victory over Colorado, Dr.Greg Moore didn’t talk about injuries, he talked about injury prevention.  It’s something he thinks should be a part of more people’s daily lives. Listen to the interview here:

NeuroSpine Institute-Proud Sponsor of the Ducks Pre Game Show on KUGN

The buildup to the Ducks game vs. the California Bears on Saturday, Sept. 28, was made even sweeter when the pipes of Dr. Gregory Phillips lent his voice of experience to the Ducks’  Pre Game Show on KUGN-AM.  Sportscaster Steve Tannen interviewed Dr. Phillips about his years as a Duck (he played from 1987-1991 under… Read more »